Title: This is the army of none, got no flag, got no home
Fandom: Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles/Terminator: Salvation
Pairing: Derek Reese/Marcus Wright
Rating: Mature

Author's Notes: (1) Written with love for Caly.
(2) Originally published in the Con*Strict 2010 'zine.
(3) Title and cut tag come from the Queens of the Stone Age song, "You got a killer scene there, man ..."
(4) Companion piece to A Strength that Cannot be Measured.

Legalese: The Terminator franchises are copyright their respective owners. This is a work of whatiffery, written for love, not lucre.

(What's the fuckin' difference, we all gonna die / You gonna do something killer? / C'mon give it a try)
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Birds of Prey/Terminator: Sheep in Wolf's Clothing, Sarah&Oracle, Gen, Drabble, PG

Crystal Series/Star Trek (TOS): Knowledge Through Music, Ensemble Trek&Trag, Gen, Drabble, PG

Crystal Series/Transformers (Bay): Negotiate, Trag&Starscream, Gen, Drabble, PG

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Title: Where To Go After The War
Fandom: Aliens/Terminator
Pairing/Characters: Ellen Ripley/Sarah Connor
Rating/Category: NC-17 / Fem (sexual situation/language)
Word Count: 874
Prompt: common ground
Spoilers: None, totally AU
Notes/Warnings: for this comment at [community profile] ladyslash's comment fic fest


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