Title: A New Adventure
Author: [personal profile] jedimasterstar
Fandoms: Highlander, The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones
Rating: PG-13 (FRT)
Notes: This is a one-shot and may become part of a series. This takes place a few days after my OFC becomes Immortal, and dialogue will allude to it.
Character(s): Matthew McCormick, Talia Hayes (OFC), Indiana Jones
Summary: .Some of the most interesting things can come at the most interesting times.

(Mods, may I have an author tag as well as a tag for the Indiana Jones fandom? Please?)
Title: Angel Trouble
Author: [personal profile] jedimasterstar
Fandoms: Doctor/NCIS with a touch of Supernatural
Beta: [personal profile] jhumor
Rating: FRT (PG-13)
Spoilers: Series 4 for Doctor Who, Post-Season 5 for Gibbs, Post-Season 2 with Sam
Disclaimer: Nothing recognizible belongs to me. They all belong to their respected owners. Some of the dialogue is a variant of the conversation in the Doctor Who episode "Blink".

Author's Notes: This was my Secret Santa present for moragmacpherson over on LJ. Just wanted to mention that. And that this is reposted with mod's permission.

Summary: While investigating strange disappearances of Marines at a local haunted house, Gibbs faces a menace that will change his life forever.

A Reason not to go into Haunted Houses


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