Forever Knight/The Lost Boys: Unexpected Reunions, Lacroix&David, Het, Longfic, PG-13

Rizzoli&Isles/The Vampire Chronicles: Caught in the Middle, Jane&Magnus, Gen, Ficlet, PG
Forever Knight/Highlander: Chance Encounters, Janette/Amanda, Fem, Longfic, PG-13

The Iron Giant/Transformers (G1): Treasure Trove, Giant&Skyfire, Gen, Drabble, G
I looked through the older entries in this comm and didn't find this one recced -- I hope I didn't just miss it, and apologize if I did. It's a terrific webcomic from Rich's Comixblog, crossover of Dr. Who/Forever Knight, originally posted in 2009, but my brother just linked me to it recently.

Forever Janette
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Birds of Prey/Terminator: Sheep in Wolf's Clothing, Sarah&Oracle, Gen, Drabble, PG

Crystal Series/Star Trek (TOS): Knowledge Through Music, Ensemble Trek&Trag, Gen, Drabble, PG

Crystal Series/Transformers (Bay): Negotiate, Trag&Starscream, Gen, Drabble, PG

Forever Knight/Highlander: Interesting Allies, Amanda&Janette, Gen, Drabble, PG

Knight Rider/Transformers (Bay): Fresh Intelligence, KITT&Michael&Ironhide&Sideswipe, Gen, Drabble, G


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