Title: Once in a Lifetime
Author: A Lanart
Fandom: Doctor Who/Dresden Files (bookverse)
Characters/pairing: Harry Dresden, Fourth Doctor
Rating/Spoilers: G. No Spoilers. Takes place after Sarah Jane left the Doctor, but before Leela had joined him in the TARDIS and fairly early in in the DF series.
Warnings: None
Summary: Harry takes on an unusual client
Disclaimer: BBC owns Doctor Who, Jim Butcher owns Harry Dresden and his universe.
No copyright infringement intended, no profit made.

Written for consci_fan_mo on LJ

Once in a Lifetime

Title: With Friends Like These
Author: A Lanart
Fandom: Dresden Files/Highlander
Rating: PG - PG-15
Spoilers: None for Highlander, later stories are set after Blood Rites in the Dresden Files series of novels, though elements of the TV series are also used
Characters/pairings: Bob, Harry, Mac, Butters, Mouse, Mister, Thomas, Methos, Amanda, Joe Dawson
Disclaimer: Jim Butcher owns the Dresden Files, Davis/Panzer own Highlander

This series now spans 11 fics, none of them an epic; the shortest is 100 words, the longest still less than 5k words so if you feel like having a look it won't take you forever. It's not only a Highlander/Dresden Files crossover series, but also a cross of the Dresden Files bookverse and tv verse. Follow the link to the index page of the series.

With Friends Like These...


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