Amy, an Angel, and Averting the Apocalypse
Author(s): [info]hezio2
Artist: [info]patchedfox     The Art 
Crossover: Doctor Who  Supernatural

Type: (Gen, Het, or Slash) Gen - though Dean seems like  both Cas  and Amy ;)
Word Count: 18000
Characters/Pairings: Eleven, Amy, TARDIS, Sam, Dean, Cas, Chuck, Future Dean and Future Cas
Warnings: none kind of cracky though
Spoilers: Season 5 Supernatural and series 5 for Doctor Who

Summary: As a fan of Carver Edlund's Supernatural series, Amy is disappointed that the author ended the book series with Dean in hell. The Doctor, feeling guilty over Rory's death/disappearance from existance, takes Amy to meet the author. Seemed simple enough, meet the author, ask him why he left Dean in hell.
Nothing is ever simple with the Doctor, as he and Amy find themselves immersed in Zachariah's plot to send Dean to 2014 so that the hunter says yes to Michael. It's up to the Doctor and Amy to set things right.

Author’s Notes: 1. beta'd by the charming Grumpywinter.  2.Thank you [info]patchedfox for the wonderful art  3. I've never written in Doctor Who so I'm mighty nervous about it. 
disclaimer: owned by kripke &co and the bbc. not written for profit. 
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Part One     Part Two     Part 3


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