For those of you who don't know, the official comic book tie-in writers (IDW) are doing a series of Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover comic books. With lots and lots of different covers with really cool cover art to entice die-hard fans to buy multiple copies of each book. Here are some icons made of the first few covers!

Picard and the Eleventh Doctor, with the Enterprise and the TARDIS Captain Kirk fights a Cyberman the TARDIS trio on the bridge of the Enterprise.

23 more icons under the cut! )
Title: Q-niversal Constants
Author: [personal profile] stellar_dust
Fandoms: New Who/Torchwood; Star Trek: TNG Era
Words: ~6500
Pairing: JACK HARKNESS/Q OF THE CONTINUUM. Because the internets failed me, so I wrote it myself. Background Picard/Q and Doctor/Jack.
Rating: R. (spoiler) the R-rated bit is Jack/noncorporeal entity, from Q's POV, so YMMV. OH MY BRAIN.
Warnings: See rating spoiler above. Also, offscreen character death (not Jack or Q), and one on-screen, non-graphic Jack death.
Beta: Thanks to [personal profile] melannen for reading it through and saying it was good!
Summary: Q discovers Jack. The results, as you might expect, span the universe in a most epic way.

Q-niversal Constants at AO3
Q-niversal Constants on Dreamwidth


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