Below you can read the text for the informal script for a film Selina Mandrake - The Slayer (taglined “Caught between post-Modernism and the New Age”) which I have published on my site and elsewhere. It is marketed as a Buffy parody, but integrates a lot of other franchises including Star Trek: DS9, Dumas’ The Three Musketeers, the Jewish Bible and the Midrash, and quite a few others.

Abstract: A geeky Anglo-American girl in her high school senior year in 2011 California, finds out that she is none other than The Slayer, a legendary heroine who is destined to slay many notable vampires and demons, culminating in none other than The Master, the vampire with the oldest soul. See how she manages to do so, despite being completely non-violent, and even supportive of the demons she encounters.

If you like this script, I would appreciate recommending it to your friends or sharing it on social networks.

For the screenplay itself )


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