Title:  Halema'uma'u (or, The New Tattoo)
Author: [personal profile] springwoof
Betae: [personal profile] auburn , so awesome, so patient, so generous—has my gratitude beyond measure; [livejournal.com profile] imkalena , who gave wonderful advice and fabulous critique—even though she broke me for a while, the story is much better for every bit of her advice I managed to follow; [personal profile] rhi , Highlander beta extraordinaire, and my biggest cheerleader throughout the several years I spent giving birth to this fic—in great part, she's responsible for this thing seeing the light of day (I totally blame her!); and [personal profile] sealie, who looked it over after everyone else, and found clangers everyone else had missed—thanks, Babe!
Rating:  Adult
Fandom(s):  This is a Hawaii Five-0/Highlander crossover, originally written for the Hawaii Five-0 Big Bang, [livejournal.com profile] fiveobang . There are cameo appearances from characters in a third, unrelated fandom (you'll know 'em when you see 'em)
Pairing:  Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams (minor Duncan/Methos)
Spoilers: Hawaii Five-0: I started writing this thing during Hawaii Five-0's Season One, OMG! This story takes place sometime after Loa Aloha and diverges from there.
Highlander (the Series): The Highlander characters diverge from the end of Season Five, with MacLeod still living in Paris. (Although this story takes place modern-day, and it's probably past time Mac thought about moving on...) There was never a demon, and Richie is still alive. Neither of the two ridiculous post-series movies ever happened, and Connor is still alive too. Nyah nyah, this is fanfiction, so there, PTB!
Warnings:  Highlander- (and H50-)level violence, drugged lack of volition
Disclaimer:   Hawaii Five-0 and Highlander are both the sole property of their respective creators. I am making no money from this and no infringement is intended.
Author's Note: This is both a crossover, and an AU, since I diverged from the timelines of both shows. For those who are unfamiliar with either show, please see the Hawaii Five-0 overview and the Highlander overview.

My fabulous partner in[livejournal.com profile] fiveobang, [livejournal.com profile] galadriel34, has posted her artwork here. Please go admire and give her the adoration she deserves!

Summary: An international terrorist, with an unusual interest in volcanoes, has come to Hawai'i. Immortal FBI Agent Matthew McCormick is on his trail and seeks the help of the Five-0 team—then things get really explosive!

Steve and Danny sure picked a bad time to decide that their flirting might mean something more. And what's with that funny new tattoo on Chin's wrist?

Link:  Read it on AO3 !


Title: These Precious Things
Author: Raine Wynd ([personal profile] raine)
Fandoms: Highlander the Raven, Hawaii 5-0(2010), Witchblade (TV)
Pairings: Danny/Rachel, Nick Wolfe/Sara Pezzini
Ratings & Warnings: Adult - explicit violence and mature themes
Summary: Danny never thought to ask if Fate had plans for him. Maybe he should have.
URL: At AO3 or my site
Five Times Steve and Eliot Crossed Paths
by Tassos
Fandoms: Hawaii Five-0/Leverage
Rating: PG
Words: 1760
Spoilers: Companion story of sorts to The Five-0 Job that I wrote last summer. Spoilers for H50 season 1. Non-canon compliant for season 2. No spoilers for Leverage.

Summary: Five Times Steve and Eliot Crossed Paths


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