Title: Storytelling & Blood
Author: [personal profile] melannen
Fandom: Diane Duane's Young Wizards & Highlander:The Series
Length: ~4,000 words.
Rating: Violence, grief, madness, anger and despair; no sex.
Summary: Ahriman is an avatar of the Lone Power. Richie Ryan is a young wizard on Ordeal. Methos is all too familiar with how that story ends.

Notes: This story is basically a re-interpretation of the end of the Highlander: The Series episode "Archangel" re-cast through the lens of the cosmology of "Young Wizards", and focusing on Methos and Joe, mostly because I like it a lot more that way. It contains a small amount of verbatim dialogue, and, yes, the canon character death from that episode.

If you know HL but not YW: I suspect that parts of this will not make a lot of sense to you, because it is pretty deeply involved with some of the more complicated bits of meta/physics in the YW-verse that even wizards have trouble understanding sometimes. Bascially: Wizards are people (and not just humans, all kinds of people) who take an Oath to serve the Powers that Be; on Earth, they usually keep their wizardry secret. The One is above the Powers, and the Lone Power rebelled against the One and brought Death and pain and entropy into the universe. Wizards mostly fight the Lone Power. The Powers like hide to themselves in people and hang out in the universe, especially the One's Champion. Uh, if you read it, get confused, and want an explanation of something, feel free to ask me in comments.

If you know YW but not HL: This contains no YW characters (at least not in familiar forms, though as usual there are Powers about.) It is mostly based on the episode Archangel with some bits from elsewhere. I think it is still readable if you don't know any Highlander; feel free to let me know. The short version as relevant to this story: Immortals, who never age and only die if their heads get cut off, live invisibly among humans. Macleod, Richie, and Methos are Immortals. Methos is the oldest known immortal, older than history, and has a Dark Past in which he went by the name "Death" for a thousand years. Joe isn't immortal but knows all about them. MacLeod is currently being harassed by a millennial prophecy and a demon who plays with illusion. Richie is Mac's student and very young for an Immortal.

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Title: "A Really Nice Shade of Blue", part 1/10(ish)
A Top Gear/Doctor Who(/Torchwood/Sarah Jane Adventures/Big Finish) crossover
by [personal profile] melannen
Characters: Bessie, Oliver, a somewhat modified Nissan Figaro, a not-exactly-factory-model Fiat Panda, a Type 9 TARDIS in the guise of a police box, TGD and K9. (Also a bunch of anthropoid apes, but let's face it, no-one here watches Top Gear for the monkeys.) Gen, w/canon ships & subtext.
Story summary: "Tonight on Top Gear: James May fixes something that has been broken for a very long time, Richard Hammond is troubled in love, and I get abducted by an alien. Oh, and we also lark about on the Top Gear test track a lot and put a star who you've probably never heard of, but James really wants to go on a date with, in our reasonably priced car."
Disclaimer: For all I know, the Stig actually is an alien.
Notes: This is set, for Top Gear people, during the filming of an alternate S14; for Torchwood people, the autumn after Children of Earth; and for the Doctor, sometime between Journey's End and The End of Time. Also, I am not good with getting WIPs finished expeditiously, so it might be awhile till Chapter 2. But [community profile] crossovers wants us to post WIPS. :D Originally posted at [community profile] topgearslash.

Your special multimedia bonus enrichment for this chapter: Max Warp, the Big Finish thinly veiled audio crossover in which it is revealed that the Doctor thinks a Top Gear taping is the sort of place to bring a girl for a special night out. I think we all agree that he is correct. (Warning, this audio contains graphic depiction of Richard's crash, but spoiler:he isn't really dead.)

'So, as they are ever-responsive to the voice of the British populace, our producers have declared that in this episode, we are not going to spend any taxpayers' money on automobiles. This week, in the spirit of the great British virtues of thrift and making do, they've given us the key to an old BBC storage facility, which they tell us contains a variety of old prop vehicles used on cancelled shows. So instead of recklessly destroying a lot of expensive modern automobiles, we're going to be responsible by reusing and recycling, by which I mean recklessly destroy some iconic symbols that were beloved by an entire generation.' )


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