We Will Never Save The World - or Jason and Tim are flung into other universes, many other universes.

(Comic 'verse Batman/Iron Man movieverse, Comic 'verse Batman/movieverse Batman, Comic 'verse Batman/Torchwood)

WWNSTW: Iron Man 2. PG. Tony Stark, Tim Drake Wayne, Jason Todd (Tim/Jason). 1475 words. Shortly (or not so shortly, but who is keeping track?) after the events depicted in Iron Man 2, Tony Stark find something interesting at the Stark Expo.

WWNSTW: The Dark Knight. PG. Tim Drake Wayne, Jason Todd (Tim/Jason), Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, Jim Gordon, Lucius Fox. 5512 words. It was still Gotham. But the Batman here wasn't their. Takes place after the movie.
WWNSTW: Torchwood. PG. Tim Drake Wayne, Jason Todd (Tim/Jason), Ianto Jones, Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper-Wiliams. 2267 words. Adrift. It's how what happened to them is called, there. There's a name, but there's no answer. Takes place roughly after the second season of Torchwood. Some prior knowledge of Torchwood may help.

(Some of the drabbles linked through in those entries are NC-17/NSFW)



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